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Hardiman & Avery have a vision for Illinois where equality fosters prosperity, and everyone has the opportunity to succeed.


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Job Creation

  Hardiman  will work to create jobs in the private sector and restore opportunity for all of Illinois, starting with raising the minimum wage.  

Reduce Violence

 Hardiman dedicates his life and career to community organizing for peace and social change.  

Balance Budget

   Hardiman will straighten out Illinois, starting with resolving the budget crisis. We also believe in budget discipline that reduces our deficit.  

Increase Funding

 Hardiman believes proper education should be a priority.  He will increase funding for schools and early childhood education programs.  

Women's Rights

 Hardiman understands that  today, gender bias continues to create huge barriers for many women. We feel women and men should be treated equally. 

Democratic Candidate

Tio Hardiman

In the March 2014 Democratic Primary, Tio Hardiman secured 28.1 percent of the statewide vote, 125,500 votes, and won 30 counties downstate. Tio holds a Master's Degree in Inner City Studies and he is best qualified to lead our great state. 

Hardiman's Work in Illinois

Tio Hardiman has worked with over 200 churches statewide, volunteered with recovery homes, homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, saved many lives, hired over 300 ex-offenders, reduced violence in Chicago and throughout the state, worked on Police Reform, rescued several women from prostitution rings,  worked with the Humane Society of the United States, saved many dogs from fighting rings in Chicago, supported the Fight for $15, and more.  


Hardiman Announces Running Mate Patricia Avery

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Tio Hardiman Supports the following ...


  •  Job Creation 
  •  Support Legal Gun Owners 
  • End Political Corruption 
  •  Increase funding for public schools, domestic violence shelters, HIV Awareness programs, violence prevention services 
  •  Resolve the budget crisis 
  • Veterans, Seniors, Women, Children, LGBT Community, Ex-Offenders, College Students, and more. 

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Tio Hardiman 20/20 Plan for Illinois!

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